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Otsuka Compact Magnifier Neolight 15x Series

Otsuka Square Magnifier WIDE Series

Dino-Eye Edge AM7025X Eyepiece Camera

Otsuka Magnifier LED Illuminated LSKs-B Series

Otsuka Illuminated Magnifier Dimmer O-Light III Series

Otsuka Illuminated G-Clamp Magnifier SKK-F Series

Otsuka Magnifier LED Illuminated SKKL-B Series

Otsuka Illuminated G-Clamp Magnifier SKK-CF Series

Otsuka Desk Mounted Magnifier SKKL-D Series

Otsuka Desk Top Magnifier SKK-B Series

Otsuka Magnifier Boreloupe-F Series

Otsuka Magnifier Boreloupe-ST Series

Euromex Microscope 135x StereoBlue Series

Miruc Lens Barrel Optics With C-Mount Adapter

Euromex Novex Microscope B & B+ Series

Dino-Lite Healthcare Microscope Series

Euromex Fluorescence Microscope Oxion OX.3070

Euromex Loupe Table Magnifier 15x PB.5039

Euromex Loupe Table Magnifier 8x PB.5040

Euromex Polarimeter PM.5400

Euromex Triplet Loupe Achromatic Magnifier 20x PB.5033

Euromex Microscope NexiusZoom Stereo NZ.1902-P

Euromex Inverted Microscope Oxion Inverso OX.2253-PLPHF

Euromex Brightfield Microscope iScope IS.1153-EPL

Euromex Measuring Microscope 20x with illumination PB.5002

Euromex Industrial Microscope 8 to 80x DZ.1100

Miruc Machine Vision Optical Staging

Dino-Lite Digital Microscope Series

Miruc Long Focus Scope WL-1

Miruc Monocular Measure Scope Unit

Miruc Eye Piece Lenses OCD

Miruc Telecentric Lens for Inspection

CV Instruments CV-MZ630B Optical Micoscope

CV Instruments CV-MZ630T Trinocular Microscope

Dino-Lite Eyepiece Camera DinoEye

Vision Engineering VisionZ2

Vision Engineering Hawk Elite

Vision Engineering Mantis Elite-Cam HD

Vision Engineering SX45-TR trinocular stereo microscope