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Dino-Lite Digital Microscope Series

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SPESIFIKASI Dino-Lite Digital Microscope Series

Dino-Lite Model Numbering Guide:

Model Number Model Description
AM Fixed Nozzle (Model prefix)
AD Interchangeable Nozzle (Model prefix)
4xx Original 1.3 Megapixel Professional Series
2011 0.3 Megapixel Entry Level Series/Enhanced Sensor
3xxx 0.3 Megapixel Hobbyist Series/Enhanced Sensor  
4xxx 1.3 Megapixel Professional Premier Series/Enhanced Sensor
7xxx 5.0 Megapixel Professional Premier Series
xxx2 or 6 TV/AVI Ouput
xx13 Measuring Software & Calibration
xx16 Analog VGA output to computer monitor
xx22 Dino-Eye microscope eyepiece camera
xx23 Dino-Eye microscope eyepiece camera with calibration & measurement
xxxA or x1xx Upgraded housing with magnification scroll lock and improved USB cable
FI Infrared Illumination at 850nm
FVT 8 UV LEDs at 390nm
FVT2 8 UV LEDs at 375nm
FVW 4 Ultra Violet / 4 White LEDs - 390nm
FV2W 4 Ultra Violet / 4 White LEDs - 375nm
L Enhanced For Long Working Distance
M Metal Housing for workshop environment
N TV/AVI Output
S Shortened nozzle (85x and 145x when touching specimen)
T Touch trigger mechanism for image capture
T5 500x fixed magnification
T4 400-470x variable magnification
TB Strobe lighting
VW White/UV Illumination
Z Polarizing
AMH Medical model
EAN Ear Scope (TV output)
EUT Ear Scope (USB Output)
N5UT Nail Scope
AMB-DT Dental Scope
RUT iris Scope

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AnMo Logo

AnMo Electronics Corporation, the company behind Dino-Lite digital microscopes, have been at the forefront of the image digitization sector since 2000 and as such is at the heart of the design and development of digital microscopes in Taiwan. Over the years, the Dino-Lite series digital handheld microscope and Dino-Eye series microscope eyepiece have evolved and expanded to better serve the customers, covering major markets in five different continents.

By adopting a combination of technologies, the products have been widely used in various sectors (but not limited to) of the industry, biomedicine, education, agriculture, and forensic for the purpose of inspection, quality control, production, research, and documentation. Further, they also cater to hobbyists. For over a decade, AnMo has endeavored to create diverse value through products and services. One of their core principles is to pursue excellence through innovation and improvement while picturing long-term plans and strategies. Striving to be a leading and trustworthy supplier of high quality digital microscopes has always being our key principle.

LFC is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Dino-Lite Digital Microscopes in Singapore and Batam since 2010. We have a full dedicated website for their products at https://www.dinolite.sg/.

A brief explanation of the Dino-Lite series:

2xxx - Entry-level model for educational purposes
3xxx - Basic Models for hobbyst and miniature crafts (0.3 MP)
4xxx - Premier  Models (1.3 Megapixels)
5xxx - HDMI connectivity
7xxx - Edge models (5.0 Megapixels with cutting edge CCD sensor)

Dino-Lite Digital Microscopes

Dino-Lite digital microscope line up features:

Click here for the full details of Dino-Lite features. We have also videos about Dino-Lite on our YouTube channel.