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Inspection stage Dino-Lite MS-15X-S1

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Compact XY stage with attachable 360° rotating turntable. Smooth precision controls so you can easily and quickly examine small specimens with 6.6cm of X and Y axis in millimeters and inches, allowing you to navigate without estimating points of interest. The inspection stage compact size takes up minimal space by only taking up 13.7cm x 8.2cm of desk space, creating a precision space saving Dino-Lite inspection workstation.

SPESIFIKASI Inspection stage Dino-Lite MS-15X-S1

Model MS-15X-S1 Multi-purpose Adapter
Rotating base 5cm Diameter
360 degree rotation
Specimen plate 11.6cm (L) x 7.3cm (W) x 2.4cm (H)
6cm x 6cm X&Y movement
Vernier scale
Unit Weight 646g
Unit Dimension 15.2cm (L) x 12.8cm (W) x 8.4cm (H)

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