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Euromex Brightfield Microscope iScope IS.1153-EPL

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Euromex Brightfield Microscope iScope IS.1153-EPL is the latest line of microscope for observation of specimen on Bio-medical application. Thanks to its compact form factor, cable arrangement and trinocular feature, you can now simplify your working environment and observation report at the same time. Unlike conservative microscope, the combination of iScope's ergonomic design, fine adjustments by coaxial coarse for up to 2 µm precision and 20 mm travel range has made Euromex Brightfield Microscope iScope IS.1153-EPL become the only reasonable investment with plenty of upgradable feature and user friendliness.

Euromex Brightfield Microscope iScope IS.1153-EPL is also equipped with auto shut off LED illumination (iCare sensor) for energy efficient operation with quality imaging and lower heat level. Such feature will also avoid unnecessary heat exposure towards specimen while you are busy on doing multitasking work. Euromex iScope IS.1153 series are also available with 10 selectable models of either binocular-trinocular, feature-accessories arrangement and objectives which solely depends on your application and budget. Euromex Brightfield Microscope iScope IS.1153-EPL is highly regarded by end user in the field of Bio-medical research, Bio-academics and also popular among on-field botanical researcher as a semi-portable scope on their quest of finding the new anti-biotics.

Euromex Microscope NexiusZoom Stereo NZ.1902-P Features:

  • Eyepiece on stock is  EWF10x/20 mm
  • Trinocular with Siedentopf 30° inclined tubes with interpupillary distance 47-76 mm and diopter adjustment on left eyepiece
  • Nosepiece   Revolving quintuple reversed nosepiece on ball bearings
  • On stock, objectives E-Plan EPL 4x/0.10, 10x/0.25, S40x/0.65, S100x/1.25 oil-immersion DIN objectives.
  • All optical parts are anti-fungus treated which also available on binocular models (IS.1152 series)
  • 140 mm x 160 mm stage equipped with integrated 79 x 52 mm mechanical stage (also available with 216 mm x 150 mm rackless stage and integrated 79 x 52 mm mechanical stage)
  • In height adjustable Abbe N.A. 1.25 condenser with opening for optional sliders
  • Focusing adjustment through coaxial coarse and fine adjustments, 2 µm precision, 20 mm travel range.
  • Rack-stop for protection of slides and objectives. Friction adjustment
  • Illumination and power supply by diascopic intensity adjustable 3W NeoLED™ illumination with internal 100V-240V power supply
  • iCare Sensor will avoid unnecessary loss of energy as the illumination of the microscope automatically switches off when the microscopist steps away from his position
  • Hand grip for semi-portable application and on-field research
  • CSS - Cable Storage System allows the user to practically insert the power cable into the backside of the instrument, which enables easy storage
  • Delivered with power cord, 500 mA 250V spare fuse and dust cover

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