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CV Instruments CV-MZ630T Trinocular Microscope

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SPESIFIKASI CV Instruments CV-MZ630T Trinocular Microscope

CV Instruments CV-MZ630T Trinocular Microscope Ordering Guides: 

CV Instruments







With ocular WF10x

With ocular WF15x

With ocular 20x

With ocular 25x

non 7x-45x 10.5x-67.5x 14x-90x 17.5x-112.5x
0.3x 2.1x-13.5x 3.2x-20.3x 4.2x-27x 5.3x-33.8x
0.5x 3.5x-22.5x 5.3x-33.8x 7x-45x 8.8x-56.3x
0.75x 5.3x-33.8x 7.9x-50.6x 10.5x-67.5x 13.1x-84.4x
1.5x 10.5x-67.5x 15.8x-101.3x 21x-135x 26.3x-168.8x
2x 14x-90x 21x-135x 28x-180x 35x-225x


CV Instruments CV-MZ630T Trinocular Microscope Technical:

Total magnification

7x - 45x (with standard oculars)

Zoom ratio  1:6.5 (0.7 - 4.5x)

 Oculars  WF10x wide focus (standard)
 Field of view  33mm - 5.1mm diameter
 Working distance  108mm (standard)
 Binocular tubes  Inclined 45°
 Interpupillary distance  Adjustable 55mm - 75mm
 Diopter adjustment  ±5 Diopter (two eyepieces adjustable)
 Eypiece tube  Rotatable 360°
 Camera system  Tube for camera attachment
Light system Incident and transmitted halogen illuminator 6V, 15W
Power 220V / 50Hz


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CV Instruments CV-MZ630T Optical Micoscope is one of the best seller Bowers' microscope. CV-MZ630T is known for its reliability and clarity of image magnification which endure moisture and humidity better when used on both industrial production line and laboratory environment. CV-MZ630B binocular microscope are also equipped with quick realease. CV Instruments CV-MZ630T Trinocular microscope featuring optical channel for CCD camera attachment. For economical option, CV-MZ630B  also available with similar accesories and set up minus the CCD camera lens.

CV Instruments CV-MZ630T Features: