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Euromex Fluorescence Microscope Oxion OX.3070

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SPESIFIKASI Euromex Fluorescence Microscope Oxion OX.3070

Euromex Fluorescence Microscope Oxion OX.3070 Ordering Guide:

Optical system
Inf nity color corrected optical system
Parafocal distance
45 mm
Eyepiece tubes Swiveling Siedentopf tubes with 50 to 75 mm interpupillary distance
PL 10x/22 with adjustable diopter
Reversed quintuple nosepiece

Inf nity Plan achromatic bright f eld 4x, 10x, 20x, S40x, S60x, S100x oil
Inf nity Plan achromatic phase contrast 10x, 20x, S40x and S100x oil
Inf nity Plan semi-apochromatic Fluarex 4x, 10x, 20x, S40x and S100x oil
Stage 150 x 140 with mechanical 76 x 50 mm translation stage
Focus Coaxial coarse and f ne adjustment with 30 mm travel range
and 0.20 µm graduations
Friction control and object protection

Abbe condenser N.A. 1,25, height adjustable with iris diaphragm
Illumination 3 Watt LED for transmitted light, 85-240 V operation
Refl ected 100 W mercury-vapor light source for fl uorescence,
with power supply for 85-240 V operation
Packaging Weight Approx. 15 kg


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Euromex microscope fluorescence OX.3070 is devised for observation of specimen with fluorescence matter such as living tissue in life sciences. The Oxion head has an ergonomic viewing angle of 30° which has been designed for convenient and versatility to observe all kind of Life Sciences applications. The Euromex microscope fluorescence Oxion OX.3070 features an unique swiveling operation which enable the viewing height to be easily configured. Compared to traditional microscopes, add approximately 40 mm extra viewing heigh. The Siedentopf tubes itself have standard HWF plan 10x eyepieces with 22 mm field of view and adjustable diopter. The interpupillary distance is 50 to 75 mm. Eyepieces can be conveniently secured to the tubes.

Euromex microscope fluorescence OX.3070 is the most reasonable investment for either medical and food industry. Its compact form factor made Euromex microscope fluorescence Oxion OX.3070 become a highly sufficient device on any laboratory. Compared to other brands, Euromex florescence microscopy offers a faster and reliable identification of infectious diseases, growth of microscopic organisms and allows observation of complex interactions in unstained living cells. On application, the high contrast plan semi-apochromatic Fluarex 4x, 10x, 20x, S40x and S100x oil objectives were combined with the 22 mm eyepieces of the Oxion which results both excellent resolution and field of view for prompt detection of pathogens. A 100 Watt mercury –vapor light source combined with the high performance florescence fiters produce excellent contrasted images with an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio.

Euromex Fluorescence Microscope Oxion OX.3070 Features: