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Euromex Measuring Microscope 20x with illumination PB.5002

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SPESIFIKASI Euromex Measuring Microscope 20x with illumination PB.5002

Euromex Portable Measuring Microscope with illumination Ordering Guide:

Euromex Models  Field of view
PB.5002 Measuring microscope 20x. Field of view 7.2 mm*
PB.5003 Measuring microscope 40x. Field of view 3.8 mm*
PB.5004 Measuring microscope 100x. Field of view 1.45 mm*
PB.5006 Measuring microscope 200x. Field of view 0.70 mm*
PB.5028 Pocket microscope with achromatic objective. Magnification 50x.
Without scale and without light source.
Field of view 2 mm.

*All models are supplied with leather case


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Euromex Measuring Microscope PB.5002 is devised for portable observation of object with 20x Achromatic Glass Lenses & 7,5mm Field of view. Euromex Table magnifier 20x PB.5040 is equipped with micrometer lens divided into 0.1mm which offer measurement function. This affordable loupe is made of high quality plastic frame, a battery powered light source and transparent base for durability.

Thanks to its handy and compact form factor has made Euromex Microscope 20x PB.5002 become a highly sufficient device on QC workshop to inspect scratch or visual blemish on mould, dies. Can also be used as a small magnifying glass by jewelers and watchmakers. Euromex Microscope 20x PB.500 is also practical for simple inspection on electronics board, semiconductor, precision die, foil and paper production, surface uniformity samplings and many more.