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Otsuka Magnifier Boreloupe-ST Series

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SPESIFIKASI Otsuka Magnifier Boreloupe-ST Series

Otsuka Magnifier Boreloupe-F Series Ordering Guide: 

Boreloupe-F Model Descriptions
Weight 2 ㎏
Power supply Input voltage range: AC100~240V 50/60 Hz 
Magnification level Switchable between 2X and 3X (Line magnification) 
Aperture lens 40 mm

LED light (estimated life time: 40,000hours) 

Otsuka Magnifier Boreloupe-F Series' Lenses Accessories:

Type of Lense Accesories Description

The Power up lens for BORELOUPE (Exclusive use for 3X lens)

The Power up lens for Bore Loupe (Exclusive use for 3x lens) When 3x or larger magnification is necessary, you can increase the magnification to 3.3 times by simply mounting this lens onto the upper lens. If this option is used, the working distance (the distance between the bottom of the Bore Loupe and the specimen) becomes very short. Take care not to hit the specimen against the glass parts in the Bore Loupe.

The polarizing filter for BORELOUPE (Exclusive use for 3X lens)


The polarizing filter has a characteristic of transmitting only the light wave components in one oscillating direction among components in random oscillating directions.
Using this characteristic, unnecessary surface reflecting light from a specimen can be estimated to improved observation and inspection efficiency, and reduce fatigue. This filter also has dimming effect and can reduce the intensity of light from a florescent lamp.



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