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Otsuka Compact Magnifier Neolight 15x Series

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SPESIFIKASI Otsuka Compact Magnifier Neolight 15x Series

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Otsuka Magnifier Neolight Series has been devised for versatile application with 30% smaller diameter compared to the larger SKK series. The Japan made Neolight feature the exchangable lenses with magnification of 8x, 10x, 12x, 15x, which also alvailable with and without lighting dimmer button. The interchangable lenses producing bright and clear quality optical lenses are also available with a highly durable, balanced and vertical stand with arm stretch of 1060mm, C clamp, switchable magnetic stand or even the most popular desktop stand model.

Your investment on Otsuka Magnifier Neolight Series will give you the versatile application by its magnifications capability of a microscope and the flexibility as a magnifying glass. You may use the Japan made magnifier on any surface, thanks to its balanced table stand with Bright, long life, FNC13EN-SHG lamp. Power supply PS15C is also included on the standard delivery.   

The precision lenses equipped on every Otsuka Magnifier Neolight Series are also practical for simple inspection on electronics board, semiconductor, precision die, foil and paper production, surface uniformity samplings, QC workshop used in assembly line, PCBA operator and even as a craftman's magnifier by jewelers and watchmakers. 

Otsuka Magnifier Neolight Series Features: