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Miruc Machine Vision Optical Staging

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Miruc Machine Vision Optical Staging is devised as the first step in the MV sequence of operation in acquisition of an image, using a special TV macro cameras, lenses, and lighting that has been designed to provide the differentiation required by subsequent processing. Then, for automated analysis, those information is processed by the MV software packages then employ various digital image processing techniques to make instant decisions (such as pass/fail).

Depends on the application, the Miruc Machine Vision Optical Staging itself consist of sturdy dovetail stage for solid and steady hold of the apparatus, monocular TV macro lens, and sliding knobs for convenient set up with lesser maintenance. This integrated vision system from Miruc not only reliable but also cost effectively proven by many automation fabricators worldwide.

With Miruc Machine Vision Optical Staging in your automation system, you can have the integration of technologies and products that provide services or applications that benefit true industries as in CNC automotive, consumer goods manufacturing and any line of industry which requires rapid visual uniformity inspection without the toxic impact as in bakery-snack & beverage and many more. 

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