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Vision Engineering Hawk Elite

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Vision Hawk Elite devised for precision non-contact measurement and inspection of 3D parts. Employing patented Dynascope™ optical technology, Vision Hawk’s patented Dynascope™ technology enables you to view  low contrast objects with confidence, increasing measurement accuracy by black-on-black, white-on-white, even transparent specimen. Difficult-to-view features may all be viewed in intricate detail – something not always possible with other measuring devices such as profile projectors or video-based systems – making it easy to take accurate measurements.

Vision Hawk Elite's measuring stages of all types will naturally display minute mechanical differences due to normal variations in component and manufacturing tolerances. Vision Hawk Elite employs Non-Linear Error Correction (NLEC) which is the most accurate correction method available and uses a software algorithm to calculate and correct any errors across the measuring stage. All measuring stages are factory-set with NLEC prior to installation.

Vision Hawk Elite features:

  • Range of video measuring machines provide high accuracy non-contact measurement of complex manufactured components and materials.
  • Measuring range up to 400mm x 300mm
  • Dynascope™ optical technology offers unrivalled image clarity, making accurate measurements easy.
  • Modular solution with high precision measuring stage options
  • High repeatable accuracy 3-axis non-contact measurements
  • Patented optical image clearly defines edges, offering superb resolution and contrast.
  • Optional video edge detection for higher throughput measurements Wide range of system configurations and options, including fully automated CNC control.

SPESIFIKASI Vision Engineering Hawk Elite

Ergonomic benefits of Dynascope™ eyepiece-less technology

Conventional Microscope Vision Hawk Elite
Ergonomics of body position
Dynascope™ eyepiece-less optics provide unrivalled freedom of head movement, plus an ergonomic working position, unlike a traditional microscope, which need to be adapted to be less uncomfortable, more ergonomic.
Optical ergonomics
Sitting back from the microscope viewer allows ambient light into the eyes, eliminating eye strain. Users also have much better peripheral vision, so hand-eye co-ordination is easy, plus they can wear glasses, if required.


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