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Dino-Lite Healthcare Microscope Series

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SPESIFIKASI Dino-Lite Healthcare Microscope Series

Dino-Lite Health-care Microscope Series:


Dino-Lite Model Numbering Guide:

Model NumberModel Description
AM Fixed Nozzle (Model prefix)
AD Interchangeable Nozzle (Model prefix)
4xx Original 1.3 Megapixel Professional Series
2011 0.3 Megapixel Entry Level Series/Enhanced Sensor
3xxx 0.3 Megapixel Hobbyist Series/Enhanced Sensor  
4xxx 1.3 Megapixel Professional Premier Series/Enhanced Sensor
7xxx 5.0 Megapixel Professional Premier Series
xxx2 or 6 TV/AVI Ouput
xx13 Measuring Software & Calibration
xx16 Analog VGA output to computer monitor
xx22 Dino-Eye microscope eyepiece camera
xx23 Dino-Eye microscope eyepiece camera with calibration & measurement
xxxA or x1xx Upgraded housing with magnification scroll lock and improved USB cable
FI Infrared Illumination at 850nm
FVT 8 UV LEDs at 390nm
FVT2 8 UV LEDs at 375nm
FVW 4 Ultra Violet / 4 White LEDs - 390nm
FV2W 4 Ultra Violet / 4 White LEDs - 375nm
L Enhanced For Long Working Distance
M Metal Housing for workshop environment
N TV/AVI Output
S Shortened nozzle (85x and 145x when touching specimen)
T Touch trigger mechanism for image capture
T5 500x fixed magnification
T4 400-470x variable magnification
TB Strobe lighting
VW White/UV Illumination
Z Polarizer
AMH Medical model
EAN Ear Scope (TV output)
EUT Ear Scope (USB Output)
N5UT Nail Scope
AMB-DT Dental Scope
RUT iris Scope

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Dapatkan Penawaran Harga

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Dino-Lite digital microscope is a good investment for visual magnification and image recording in the field of medical examination and aesthetic care. Dino-Lite Digital Health-care Microscope Series is a value for money investment for medical-aesthetic professionals to work smarter. These line up of handy microscopes will simplify and streamline diagnosis. It is a neat tool to show live imagery feed for clients observation and ease the process of making the medical records.

Dino-Lite range of healthcare scope will give you magnification range of 20x to 50x. The clarity of image offered by Dino-Lite is second to none as the spec itself is true and guaranteed to . The versatily of Dino-Lite scope also bundled with easily configured plug and play software (USB model only). Depend on the model itself, the versatility usage of Dino-Lite includes visual quality control, production, research, quality control of eletronics, mechatronics, metallography, biomedicine, academics-educational, forensic, micro craftmanship, hobbyist, and many more. 

Dino-Lite series for healthcare are:

  1. AMH-DUT Dino-Lite Dentiscope (USB) is a handy microscope for dentistry with the ability to probe, document and inspect the teeth cavity.
  2. AM4113-RUT Dino-Lite Premier is a lightweight Iriscope for prior eye-inspection and eye care for both aesthetician and ophthalmologist, with the ability to document and inspect the iris with its ergonomic feature.
  3. AM4113-N5UT Dino-Lite Premier is optimized for aesthetician for examining and record of blood circulation under nail, scalp, skin and fingers.
  4. AM4113-EUT Dino-Lite Pro Earscope (USB) is specialized for prior diagnose of ear channel and outer ear cavity for otorhinolaryngologists with the ability to probe, record, live view and save picture.
  5. AM4012-EAP Dino-Lite Pro Earscope (TV) specialized for prior examine of ear channel and outer ear cavity for otorhinolaryngologists, this microscope feed the magnified image to any TV-Line in monitors.

Dino-Lite digital microscope features:

Depends on the model, digital CCD sensor and LED light source offer convenient set up and better image quality with 20x to 50x magnification compared with conventional optical scope.

Easy to operate, maintenance and parts availability as authentic Dino-Lite products are available on LFC covered with 1 year warranty.

Dino-Lite have user friendly and ergonomic design for convenient handling and robust application. For details, please visit Dino-lite's dedicated website here

Unlimited connectivity to record, share and display image, also customizable accesories for different application are available at reasonable price.

Equipped with intuitive software which are compatible with PC (DinoCapture), Mac (DinoXscope), android based smart TV or monitor and smartphones as well.