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Trimos TR Scan Premium

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SPESIFIKASI Trimos TR Scan Premium

 Trimos TR Scan Premium


Trimos TR Scan Premium Application



 Trimos TR Scan Premium Ordering Guide: 

 Technical Stage   101 301
Horizontal measuring range X mm - 100
Horizontal measuring range Y mm - 100
Vertical measuring range Z mm 240
Measuring system resolution XYZ µm 0.1
Positioning accuracy XYZ µm 1
Rectitude of the guideways XY µm 0.3
Max. weight of the part kg 20


 Trimos TR Scan Premium Measuring Probes Selection 

Vertical resolution (Z) nm 0.1 0.1 8 ÷ 780 10
Lateral resolution (XY) µm 0.6 0.6 0.9 ÷ 14 1
Typical measuring range Ra µm 0.4 1.6 0.012 ÷ 200 20
Vertical measuring range µm 3 7 130 ÷ 24000 350
Max. permissible errors Ra % 1% 1% 1% ÷ 5% 5%
Repeatability (Ra, 1σ) nm <0.1 <0.1 9
Sample reflectivity % <1% ÷ 100% <1% ÷ 100% 1% ÷ 100% -
Field of view mm 0.25 x 0.25 0.25 x 0.25 - -

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Trimos TR Scan Premium are crafted by Trimos to deliver the Swiss made precision Nano-tech Topographical Analysis on your fabrication floor as well as laboratory. Thanks to its astounding speed and precision optical sensor, Trimos TR Scan Premium is optimized for hi-tech applications which conform to 3D standard ISO 25178. The Trimos TR Scan Premium is based on the physical characteristics of the hologram for the topography generation of the analysed surface. The heart of the system, Trimos DHM® (Digital Holographic Microscopy), constitutes a derivation of a technology used in the biomedical engineering field.

Trimos TR Scan Premium technology for checking industrial surfaces is a distinctive feature in measuring extreme reflecting, mirror-polished or very small surfaces. The exceptional high measuring speed coupled with an accuracy range of a nanometer, form the main advantages of the Trimos TR Scan Premium. Only some microseconds are needed for the acquisition of a three dimensional image (x, y, z) with a million points.

This exceptional acquisition speed allows ignoring all problems traceable to vibrations, the traditional enemy of the majority of optical measuring systems. Trimos TR Scan Premium will improve your scope of investment in fabrication of medical appliances, prosthesis, wafers, MEMS, semiconductors, metallic layers deposits, polymer films, optical components, research and development.


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