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Trimos TR Profile / TR Profile DH-8

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SPESIFIKASI Trimos TR Profile / TR Profile DH-8

Trimos TR Profile / TR Profile DH-8 Dimension:



Trimos TR Profile / TR Profile DH-8 Ordering Guide:

  TR Profile TR Profile DH-8
Measuring range (Ra, Rq) µm 20
Measuring range (other parameters) µm 350
Measuring range of tracers µm 350
Max. permissible errors Ra % 5%
Repeatability (Ra, 1σ) µm 0.009
Resolution (Ra, Rq) µm 0.01 (< µm:0.001)
Resolutions (other parameters) µm 0.1
Vertical resolution of tracers µm 0.01
Horizontal resolution of tracers µm 1
Measuring speed mm/s 0.5 0.25/0.5/1.0
Measuring force, tracers with skid N <0.15
Measuring force, tracers without skid mN <0.5
Diamond tip rdius µm 5 µm, 90°(standard ou 2 µm, 60°(option)
Cutoffs lc mm 0.08/0.25/0.8/2.5
Measuring lengths lt mm 0.48/1.50/4.8/15.0 0.5 ÷ 15 (programmable)
Relative humidity % 20 ÷ 80



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Trimos TR Profile and Trimos TR Profile DH-8 are spcifically built for extreme precision measure of surface roughness. Trimos TR Profile / TR Profile DH-8, built for the use in the workshop and on production lines as well as in the lab. Trimos TR Profile / TR Profile DH-8 are very versatile. From the simple roughness measurement without accessories, directly on the machine, to the measurements in the laboratory with measuring support, special tracers and other accessories, including the recording of contours, the Trimos TR Profile and TR Profile DH-8 offer maximum flexibility for surface analysis.

The tracers are the core pieces of the roughness meters. They are, to a wide extent, the determining factor of the precision of the measuring values obtained. The great choice of tracers is the result of decades of experience in the construction of such probes. The traversing unit with an integrated reference flat allows to effect precise measurements also with skidless tracers (VHF versions). The traversing units of Trimos TR Profile and Trimos TR Profile DH-8 are identical. All instruments can be connected to a PC for data analysis. Each Trimos TR Profile / TR Profile DH-8 are delivered with a simple analysis software.


Trimos TR Profile / TR Profile DH-8 Features: