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DeFelsko Replica Tape Reader PosiTector RTR H

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SPESIFIKASI DeFelsko Replica Tape Reader PosiTector RTR H

DeFelsko Replica Tape Reader PosiTector RTR H Ordering Guide:

Standard Model RTRH1
Advanced Model RTRH3
Probe Only PRBRTRH


DeFelsko PosiTector RTR H Technical Specifications:

  PosiTector RTR H1 PosiTector RTR H3
PEAK HEIGHT (HL) MEASUREMENT RANGE 20 to 115 μm (0.8 to 4.5 mils) 20 to 115 μm (0.8 to 4.5 mils)
PEAK HEIGHT (HL) ACCURACY ± 5 μm (± 0.2 mils) ± 5 μm (± 0.2 mils)
PEAK HEIGHT (HL) RESOLUTION 1 μm (0.2 mils) 1 μm (0.2 mils)
ANVIL DIAMETER Ø6.3 mm (Ø0.25 inch) Ø6.3 mm (Ø0.25 inch)
ANVIL PRESSURE 1.1 Newtons (110 gram-force) 1.1 Newtons (110 gram-force)





PosiTector RTR H Specs 01

PosiTector RTR H Specs 02


Dapatkan Penawaran Harga

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  • NEW Weatherproof, dustproof, and water-resistant—IP65-rated enclosure
  • PosiTector interchangeable platform—attach any PosiTector probe to a single gage body
  • USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity to PosiSoft PC, Mac, and Smartphone software
  • Certificate of Calibration showing traceability to PTB included (Long Form)
  • Conforms to ASTM D4417, ISO 8503-5, NACE RP287, SSPC-PA 17, SSPC-SP5, SP6, SP10, SP11-87T, and others






    DeFelsko Probe Interchangeability

    LFC is the authorized distributor for DeFelsko in Singapore and Indonesia. Contact us to purchase the PosiTector RTR H or any other DeFelsko products.

    How to use the PosiTector RTR H?

    Step 1: Preparation of both the surface to be tested and the PosiTector RTR H are necessary before performing the test.

    PosiTector RTR Usage 01


    To prepare surface:

    To prepare the PosiTector RTR H:

    Step 2: Burnish the Testex Press-O-Film™ replica tape onto the steel surface to form an impression/reverse replica.

    PosiTector RTR H Usage 02

    Testex Press-O-Film™ replica tape consists of a layer of compressible foam affixed to an incompressible polyester film of highly uniform thickness. When pressed against a roughened steel surface, the foam forms an impression, or reverse replica, of the surface.

     Step 3: Measure the Tape with the PosiTector RTR H

    PosiTector RTR H Usage 03

    Placing the compressed tape (replica) into the PosiTector RTR H gives a measure of the average maximum peak-to-valley height of the surface roughness profile.

    The gage automatically subtracts the thickness of the polyester substrate from all measurements.

    PosiTector RTR H Usage 04