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Ojiyas UNC Thread Ring Gauge

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SPESIFIKASI Ojiyas UNC Thread Ring Gauge

TPI (Thread per Inch) on Unified Thread Gauges

In unified thread the thread pitch measurement is count of number of threads per inched along the length of a thread. Generally, thread per inch used in Unified thread while Thread pitch are used in Metric thread.

Unified Thread System

The class for Unified Thread is designated by letter ‘A’ & ‘B’. Thread Plug Gauge is ‘B’ while Thread Ring Gauge is ‘A’. Therefore, tolerance classes 1A,2A and 3A apply to Thread Ring Gauge and Tolerance classes 1B,2B and 3B apply for internal threads. Most commonly used are the Class 2A and 2B.


Parallel Thread Specifications

Parallel Thread Specifications

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Precision Finishing

Ojiyas (Ojiya Seiki Co., Ltd.) manufactures high quality thread gauge, measuring gauges and various inspection jigs. The company pursues a high level of precision manufacturing technologies and measurements to produce high quality products. Ojiyas products are widely used in various industries – automotive, aerospace, bicycle etc.

Heat Treatment

Ojiyas gauges undergo heat treatment to attain maximum hardness and increase its resistance to corrosion.

Sub-Zero Treatment

Sub-zero treatment of gauges changes the phase structure and improves the gauge’s quality and performance. Ojiyas gauges undergoes professional sub-zero treatment for better wear resistance & dimensional stability.


You can find out more about the complete Ojiyas range of products by viewing the Ojiyas Catalog on our support page. LFC is the authorized distributor for Ojiyas in Singapore and Indonesia. Contact us if you wish to discuss your gauging applications further.