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Ojiyas Digital Thread Depth Gauge DSG-Di / DSG-DiR

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SPESIFIKASI Ojiyas Digital Thread Depth Gauge DSG-Di / DSG-DiR

DSG-DI Specifications


Holder Size Thread Size Depth Range ØA (L) (B) ØC ØD Weight
DSG-DI1 M1.7~M3.5  0~14mm  12 124 21 5. 22 176g
DSG-DI2 M4~M6 0~26mm 16 136 33 6.3 24 200g
DSG-DI3 M7~M10 0~45mm 16 155 61 10.5 24 232g
DSG-DI4 M11~M14 0~45mm 19 157 67 14.3 28 296g
DSG-DI5 M15~M18 0~60mm 23 174 82 18.3 32 407g
DSG-DI6 M19~M24 0~60mm 30 174 93 24.5 32 439g

DSG-Di(R) 5、Di(R) 6 は受注生産となります DSG-Di(R) 5、Di(R)6 is made-to-order product


Digital Display Specifications

Items Contents
Battery Lithium Battery 3V, Type CR2032 Size:φ20×3.2㎜ (Standard accessories)
Display Resolution 0.01m
Current Consumption 45mA
Battery Life 約8000時間 About 8000 hours
Output Proximity USB (Spec:4800 Bps、7bits、even parity、2 stop bits)
Operational Temperature 5℃~40℃
Storage Temperature -10℃~60℃


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The Ojiyas DSG-Di and DSG-DiR is a digital thread depth gauge used for checking of threaded holes and measure depth of the thread simultatneously. It is mainly used for judgement in pass/fail inspection. It can measure depth for threads M2~M24 threaded holes in one measuring operation. The measured result is displayed with a resolution of 0.01 mm. The digital display is designed in a way that it will always be facing the user of the device. This makes the instrument comfortable to use. Further, the large display enables ease of viewing, the height of the digit on the display is 11.5 mm. The main difference of the DSG-DiR is that it comes with a ratchet function. The measured data can be transferred into a computer via a dedicated proximity USB cable and software.

Other features includes:

Digital Thread Depth Gauge DSG-Di

The digital thread depth gauge DSG-Di is used by screwing the Go thread gauge with the rotary handle to inspect the pitch diameter as well as to measure the effective depth of threaded hole in one measuring operation. The depth can be read on the digital display.

Digital Thread Depth Gauge DSG-DiR

DSG-DiR digital thread depth gauge  comes with a ratchet. This benefits the user by screwing the thread gauge with a constant torque. It helps to prevent possible variations in the reading of the depth measurement and thread inspection result.

You can find out more about the gauge by watching the video below.

You can find out more about the complete Ojiyas range of products by viewing the Ojiyas Catalog on our support page.

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