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Kordt Thread Axis Tester Axicord 6023

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Kord Thread Axis Tester Axicord 6023 is devised for nuts and other thread parts with internal thread. Kord Thread Axicord 6023 capable to measure a radial and axial runout with reference to thread axis of the components. This hand held gauge range of nominal diameter from 3 to 68mm.  This model designs a modular system with few changes, new workpieces can be checked for runout. The receiving spindle is slidely hold in the axial direction and a spring pulls the spindle back. The basic body holds the spindle, the measuring unit and a back stop for the face of the work-piece. The spring pulls the work-piece back against the back stop. By turning the hand wheel the measuring unit indicates the run-out of the fac.

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