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Ojiyas Thread Plug Gauge

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SPESIFIKASI Ojiyas Thread Plug Gauge

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Parallel Thread Specifications

Parallel Thread Specifications

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About the Product

Thread plug gages are used to check tolerances of internal threaded (tapped) holes of parts according to your required specification. They are metrology tools whose purpose is to gauge the inside diameters of holes that have been tapped or machined into a manufactured part, component, or assembly. Thread plug gauges are essential tools for quality control and enable inspectors, machinists, manufacturing engineers, and others to quickly obtain a go/no-go decision about whether the characteristic of the part being gauged falls within the specified dimensional tolerance for the inside diameter measurement. This gaging process is designed to allow accurate assessments to be made without the need for production personal to resort to the use of additional, more sophisticated, and more expensive measuring instruments such as bore gauges. In production operations where a large volume of parts is being produced, plug gauges provide a rapid means of assessing the quality without taking time to perform actual hole diameter measurements and to set-up instrumentation.


Thread Plug Gauge


When using thread plug gauges, it is important to recognize that the gauge results in a yes/no condition only – the tool allows the quality control inspector to accept or reject a part. It is not performing an actual measurement of the diameter, but merely assessing if that diameter is within the tolerance band established for that parameter.


Types of Thread Plug Gauges

Ojiyas produces a wide range of thread plug gauges, you can click on some of the links below to view the different types of thread plug gauges:

  1. ISO Metric Thread Plug Gauges
  2. Parallel Pipe Thread Plug Gauge
  3. Taper Pipe (BSPT) Thread Plug Gauge
  4. UNC Thread Plug Gauge
  5. UNF Thread Plug Gauge
  6. NPT Thread Plug Gauge
  7. NPTF Thread Plug Gauge


Feel free to contact us if you can't find the gauge you are looking for in this list.


About Using Thread Plug Gauges

Ojiyas thread plug gauges for screw threads are produced in the same class as the standard screws. In a production shop, the inspection of cylindrical parts (holes) for passing inspection is done quickly using a Go and No-Go thread plug gauge (for checking holes). They are simple and easy to use. The Go and No-Go limit gauges are used to check the tolerances of threaded parts according to a specification. The Go screw should be able to screw the entire way, whereas the No-Go screw should not. The workpieces are inspected to ensure accuracy of the parts made. They must be within the upper and lower limit of deviations and tolerances. They are used corresponding to the various screws such as meter screw, bicycle screw, uniļ¬ed screw, sewing machine screw, etc. The limit gauges are segmented into ISO-based JIS and conventional JIS (for inspection and production use). According to JIS, outside diameter of the male screws are measured using plain ring gauge or snap gauge and inside diameter of female screws are measured using plain plug gauge. By using such gauges, the complex element of the screw can be inspected easily and quickly. Therefore, such gauges are effective in controlling the quality of the workpieces in mass-production line.


If you wish to learn more about limit gauges, you can also read our article here.




Precision Finishing

Ojiyas (Ojiya Seiki Co., Ltd.) manufactures high quality thread gauge, measuring gauges and various inspection jigs. The company pursues a high level of precision manufacturing technologies and measurements to produce high quality products. Ojiyas products are widely used in various industries – automotive, aerospace, bicycle etc.

Heat Treatment

Ojiyas gauges undergo heat treatment to attain maximum hardness and increase its resistance to corrosion.

Sub-Zero Treatment

Sub-zero treatment of gauges changes the phase structure and improves the gauge’s quality and performance. Ojiyas gauges undergoes professional sub-zero treatment for better wear resistance & dimensional stability.



You can find out more about the complete Ojiyas range of products by viewing the Ojiyas Catalog on our support page. LFC is the authorized distributor for Ojiyas in Singapore and Indonesia. Contact us if you wish to discuss your gauging applications further.