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Yamamoto Micro Structure Standard Kit

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SPESIFIKASI Yamamoto Micro Structure Standard Kit

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The unparalleled Standard Microstructure set contains standard microstructure samples of as many as 170 metallic materials and heat-treated materials classified into six groups.

This set has been applied extensively for studying the microstructures of metals, learning the procedures for developing microstructures, such as polishing and etching, and how to operate a microscope, and acquiring photographic skills, among others.

The set comes with a guidebook on properties, details of heat treatment, and microstructure of each sample, which was prepared under the guidance of the Material Technology Education Society. As a result, it is suitable for educational use not only at educational organizations, but also at business entities and research institutions.

Product line-up

  1. Carbon steel and cast iron
  2. Alloy tool steel/High speed steel
  3. Structural alloy steel/Steel for special use
  4. Non-ferrous alloys
  5. Surface modification
  6. Abnormal structure