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Euromex Inverted Microscope Inverso IM.2653-PLM

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Euromex Inverted Microscope Inverso IM.2653-PLM is the finest microscope for observation of specimen which requires long working IOS plan achromatic objectives. This inverted microscope is designed with 45° inclined tubes and trinocular slot for digital scope with extended low and high positions for eyepieces and a photo port. The classical design ensure user friendliness and comfort within form factor of 677 x 231 x 184mm which also sturdy and versatile for observing heavier specimen.

Depends on your application and budget, you can also equip this magnificent microscope with accesories such as photo adapter of 0.67x magnification relay lens for 2/3 inch C/CS mount camera or simply order it with blue or green colored filter lights. The reliability and versatility of Euromex Inverted Microscope Inverso IM.2653-PLM is highly regarded for material science application as in petrology, metallography, metallurgy and many more.


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