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Chennai Metco Microscope Vertimet CP

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Chennai Metco Microscope Vertimet CP Ordering Guide:

Objectives Plan M-10X, Plan M-20X, Plan M-40X, 100X (Oil) 
Eyepieces Widefield WF-10X
Magnification Range 100X - 1000X (standard)
Mechanical Stage Co- axial mechanical square stage Size: 200mm x 152mm
Magnification Changer Quadrupule ball bearing revolving changer for perfect alignment
Observation Tube High transmission Trinocular head equipped with 45* inclined observation tubes and adjustable interpupillary distance
Illumination Built in Koehler's incident illuminator with 6V 20W halogen lamp, field and aperture diaphragm with yellow, green and blue filters
Focusing Coarse and fine co-axial focusing on Ball track movement for greater reliability. Coarse motion range 35mm. Fine focusing range 1.4mm
Camera Adopter C-Mount lens adaptor


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Chennai Metco provides a complete solution for petrology, metallography and metallurgy inspection by various methods of grindingpolishing, and etching.

In the metallography process, after the specimen is fitted and properly sized (with any Chennai metco BAINCUT models) the next step will be preparing the specimen for fine surface polishing which is done with Chennai Metco BAINPOL ET. Then, to further analyse the image, you need the Chennai Metco Inverted Microscope Metscope 1.

Chennai Metco Microscope Vertimet CP is devised as a specialist microscope for metallography. Chennai Metco Microscope Vertimet CP is well equipped with vertical illuminator or light source and condenser directing the light towards the stage, while the objectives and turret are over the stage pointing down. The stage of Chennai Metco Metscope 1 is fixed, and focus is adjusted by simply moving the objective lens along a vertical axis stage to bring it closer to or further from the specimen. The focus mechanism itself has a dual concentric knob for coarse and fine adjustment. Chennai Metco Vertimet CP is also equipped with planachromatic objectives and wide-field eyepieces. Versatility of Chennai Metco Vertimet CP includes four to six objective lenses of different magnifications can be fitted to a rotating turret (nosepiece). Its trinocular feature can also be fitted with accessories for fitting still and video cameras, fluorescence illuminationconfocal scanning and other applications depend on your budget.

Chennai Metco Microscope Vertimet CP is the expert choice for metallography analysis.  Chennai Metco Vertimet CP provides a clear and high-contrast image which is the ideal instrument in research work of metallography, mineralogy, precision engineering, electronics etc. Chennai Metco Vertimet CP will give you both the reliable performance and better return on investment. Currently, Chennai Metco Vertimet CP is widely recognized by reputable automotive company, aerospace R&D department, also universities for their metallography and metallurgy laboratorium. If you are looking for observing specimen with wider surface on busy queue, you can opt for Chennai Metco Metscope 1


Chennai Metco Microscope Vertimet CP Features:


To serve your interest on Chennai Metco Microscope Vertimet CP,

Kindly inquire with our sales department.