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Vision Engineering TIM5 Metallurgical Microscope

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SPESIFIKASI Vision Engineering TIM5 Metallurgical Microscope

Vision Engineering TIM5 Body

Optical system Infinity corrected optical system
Viewing head 30° inclined Siedentopf trinocular viewing head, 360° rotatable

Coaxial bilateral coarse and fine adjustment with adjustable limit stop

Sensitivity and graduation of fine focus: 0.001mm

Torque adjustment for coarse focus control

Built-in transformer and illumination intensity control

Mechanical stage   

186 x 138mm double layer mechanical stage wtih low positioned right hand X,Y controls for enhanced ergonomic comfort

75 x 50mm (X,Y) movement

Max. specimen height 50mm (with incident only illumination) 30mm (with incident / transmitted illumination)
Nosepiece Quintuple reversed revolving nosepiece BF/DF (reducing collars for BF objectives)
Weight 13kg

Vision Engineering TIM5 Optical Eye Piece

Eyepieces Wide field 10x/22mm, graticule can be inserted.
Eyepiece tubes Interpupillary adjustment 48 - 75mm; Dioptre adjustment +/-5

 Vision Engineering TIM5 Illuminations


Koehler illumination with adjustable field and aperture diaphragms, BF/DF beam splitter

24V/100W halogen lamp house

Transmitted illuminaton   

Koehler illumination (Miruc LED controlled illumination are available option)

24V/100W halogen lamp house

Includes swing-out achromatic condenser N.A. 0.9/0.25

Vision Engineering TIM5 Accesories :

There are two system kits ready to meet different needs. Each kit includes the items detailed below. Kits do not include objectives which should be chosen according to requirements. 

TIM5-EPI system kit

(illumination only)

TIM5-SSI system kit

(incident and sub-stage illumination)

TIM5-EPI unit TIM5-EPI unit
10x/22mm eyepieces 10x/22mm eyepieces
Quintuple nosepiece Quintuple nosepiece
Power adapter Power adapter
0.5X C-mount adaptor 0.5X C-mount adaptor
Neutral density filters: ND25, ND6 Neutral density filters: ND25, ND6
Polarizing kit: Rotatable analyzer 360° Polarizing kit: Rotatable analyzer 360°
Graticule retaining ring Graticule retaining ring

EPI infinity plan achromat objective lens options up to 100x, for both brightfield and darkfield observation. providing up to x 1,000 total magnification.

Bright field illumination only

(includes adapter to fit to nosepiece)

Bright and dark field illumination:
5X Brightfield objective lens with adapter 5X Brightfield / darkfield objective lens
10X Brightfield objective lens with adapter 10X Brightfield / darkfield objective lens
20X Brightfield objective lens with adapter 20X Brightfield / darkfield objective lens
50X Brightfield objective lens with adapter 50X Brightfield / darkfield objective lens
100X Brightfield objective lens with adapter 100X Brightfield / darkfield objective lens


Dapatkan Penawaran Harga

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Vision Engineering devised TIM5 microscope for structural inspection of alloys, plastics, ceramics, fibres or other industrial production materials. The Vision Engineering TIM5 inspection microscope allows engineers to achieve detailed image analysis of material specimen by the excellent optical performance and wider range of illumination options including brightfield, darkfield and polarised light. Vision Engineering TIM5 makes it easy to observe, inspect and analyse a wide range of materials.

Vision Engineering TIM5 features :