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Trimos Length Measuring Machine Mini-Horizontal TELS

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Trimos Length Measuring Machine Mini-Horizontal TELS Series is the ideal instrument for checking small dimensions. It is part of the horizontal instruments family.Mainly used for checking internal and external dimensions, such as ring gauges, plug gauges, thread plug gauges and for measuring precision production parts. The range for internal measurements from 10 to 100 mm and external measurements from 0 to 100 mm covers a large number of applications. The absolute measuring range is 25 mm and a preset setting is necessary to obtain an entire length. A wide range of accessories are available.

Features :

  • Monocoque design enable all measuring ranges being direct, it means that the whole measuring range is available without adjustment or intermediate re-calibration.

  • Value model with Sylvac's display and electronics.

  • The availability of the machine in a range of sizes and wide variety of holders and adapter.

  • Constant measuring force of 3 Newton, suitable for precision comparison of various metrology hand tools.

Benefits :

  • Ideal for checking small dimensions

  • Easy manipulation

  • Suitable for use in workshop area

  • Wide range of accessories


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