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Trimos Bore Gage Calibration Machine Alesta Series

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SPESIFIKASI Trimos Bore Gage Calibration Machine Alesta Series

Trimos Bore Gage Calibration Machine Alesta Series Ordering Guide:

Code No.  


(300 mm)


(500 mm)


(1000 mm)

Application range (external measurements) mm (in) 0,1÷300 (0,04÷12) 0,1÷500 (0,04÷20) 0,1÷1000 (0,04÷40)
Application range (internal measurements) mm (in) 40 ÷ 340 (1.6 ÷ 13.5) 40 ÷ 540 (1.6 ÷ 21.5) 40 ÷ 1040 (1.6 ÷ 41)
Max. permissible errors µm 1.5 + L(mm)/300
Repeatability (2s) µm < 1
Resolutions mm (in) 0.001 (.00001)
Holding force N 240
Interfaces   RS232 and USB
Operational temperature °C +10 ÷ +40
Temperature of storage °C -10 ÷ +40
Weight kg 62 77 200



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Trimos Bore Gage Calibration Machine Alesta Series are devised to simplifies the setting of 2-point bore gauges by replacing the use of different master & setting rings. You can have a calibration routines economically as the clever calibration machine can also be optimized for setting all kinds of comparative measuring equipment and for checking length, internal and external diameters gauges. Designed with calibrated granite base, you can also have an excellent measuring results as the tolerance table allow the carriage to be positioned to the selected tolerance range. You can have a user friendly manipulation at faster level of productivity within 0,1 µm of repetitive accuracy.

Thanks to its constant measuring force of 240 Newton, you can also use this device to compare various metrology hand tools such as calipers, dial gauge, micrometers, gauging block and even a linear beam as well. Furthermore, the innovative adapters wipe out your difficulties which allows positioning error of rocking the bore gage's anvils back and forth which improve your rate of measurement. You simply input the standard dimension into the key board and the required mobile carriage will position itself automatically onto position. The mobile carriage system will always stay in the desired position even when applying a force on the anvils.

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