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Sisma Marking Laser LOGO Series

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Sisma's LOGO marking laser machine is devised as a basic line of precision class IV laser marking for economical value and user friendly application. Its compact enclosure is both innovative and intuitive. The sliding lid improve safety handling and practical approach in daily operation needed by small and medium rate of queue.

You can freely design any type of barcode marking or logo with from its practical computer software as convenient as using a regular paper printer. Depends on your budget, you can choose either Sisma LOGO Class 1 with fully enclosed operation or Sisma OEM with the basic laser head set for customized or automation with conveyor application.

The Sisma class IV marking machine itself is the only reasonable and economical investment in terms of seamless marking details, accuracy and user friendly software.  Thanks to its class IV laser source level, you can have a concentrated heat source with narrower and faster marking rates than comparable brands. Sisma LOGO marking laser works by utilizing Fiber Ytterbium laser beam which emit light with a wavelength of 1064µm (10x smaller diameter compared to Co2 marking laser). Sisma LOGO works very well for marking barcode on CNC product, name plates or manufacturing batch plate, and various other seamless application on any type of metal and composite surface.






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