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Sisma Laser Marking SARTY 10w

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SPESIFIKASI Sisma Laser Marking SARTY 10w

Sisma Laser Marking SARTY 10w Ordering Guide:

Output power 10W - 20W
Wave lenght 1064 nm
Max. marking speed 5000 mm/s
Power supply 230V 50/60 Hz 1ph
Absorbed power 0,8 Kw
Table diametre 500 mm
Dimensions 650x1000x920h mm
Weight 155 Kg
Temperature (°C) from Tmin to Tmax 20 25 30 35
Max. relative humidity 85% 65% 50% 40%


Constant ray of laser may result in higher temperature and affect the performance. Better circulation of cold air and fumes respirator are advised with pulsed mode operation for a much efficient approach. When you are using the machine with longer working time, make sure to install additional cooling panel to avoid unnecessary down time.

However, if you are looking for much affordable alternative for marking laser on smaller range, you might also wants to consider Sisma Marking Laser LOGO Series, or if you would like a mould repair laser welding unit, you can opt for Sisma SWA mold repair specialist.

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Sisma Laser Marking SARTY 10w machine is devised as a versatile machine for precision marking or deep marking with faster result. With Sisma Laser marking SARTY 10w, you can do versatile marking and 2D marking with premium quality for high queue. 2D marking means that you can do marking with cavity or cutting abilities or contour and relief. Thanks to the automatic rotary table, consistency and reproducibility on mass-production can be achieved. From its user friendly SLC software, you can define the marking parameter, axis, camera for object centering and positioning marking cycles as well.  The software is compatible with SVG, BMP, JPG, HTML and PLT format. You can have a beautifully accurate cutting far superior than CNC micro-milling machine even better than a Co2 laser machine.

Your investment on Sisma Laser marking SARTY 10w will help you to forget all the headache on previously time consuming cutting and hazardous chemical etching routine. Thanks to its class IV laser source level, you can have a concentrated heat source with narrower and faster marking rates than comparable laser engaving brands. Sisma Laser marking SARTY 10w works by utilizing Fiber Ytterbium laser beam which emit light with a wavelength of 1064µm (10x smaller diameter compared to Co2 marking laser). Door can be slid all the way up to open on 3 sides to facilitate easy access on its chamber and can be attached with all Sisma accessories.

The Sisma Laser System is the specialist for 2D and 3D deep marking on moulds, punches and electrodes through movement of the laser source on a portal with 3 axes. Sisma Laser marking SARTY 10w works very well for marking logo or initial on stainless workpiece, marking barcode on CNC product, cutting thin plate of hard metal, mould and die making, luxurious marine and consumer equipment, plumbing and lux faucet, name plates or manufacturing batch plate, and various other relief making application on any type of metal and composite surface. However, if you are looking for deep marking on wider surface of workpiece with higher power & penetration, you might also wants to consider Sisma SART.


Sisma Laser Marking SARTY 10w Features:.