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SHIMPO Force Test Stand FGS-250W Series

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SPESIFIKASI SHIMPO Force Test Stand FGS-250W Series

SHIMPO FGS-250W Manual Hand Wheel Operated Force Test Stand

Model FGS-250W

Up to 250 lbf (125 kg);

143 lbf (65 kg) with optional Tensile frame

Travel 0.12˝ (3 mm)/turn

9˝ (230 mm) max.;

10.24˝ (260 mm) max. with Tensile Frame kit.

Dimensions 9.8 x 7.7 x 17.5˝ (250 x 196 x 445 mm)
Weight 15.4 lb (7 kg)
Warranty 1-Year
Packing List

Test Stand (1), Handle of Hand Wheel (1),

Adapter Screw (M6) (1), Screw M4 x 16 (for force gauge) (6)


Model FGS-250W-TFK
Capacity 143 lbf (65 kg)
Dimensions 4.4 x 0.55 x 17˝ (112 x 14 x 433 mm)
Packing List Tensil Frame (1), Screw M6 x 25 (3), Hook (1)


Model FGS-250W-DSK
Measure Range 7.87˝ (200 mm)
Resolution 0.0005˝ (0.01 mm)
Repeatability 0.0004˝(0.01 mm)
Power Supply Button cell SR44 1.55 V
Work Conditions 32 to 104°F (0-40°C), <80% RH
Packing List

Digital Scale (1), Joint Plate (1), Mounts (1),

Screw M3 x 5 (3), Screw M4 x 16 (2)



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The Shimpo FGS-250W is specifically designed for tensile and compressive force testing and destructive or failure testing for research applications in a multitude of industries. The Shimpo FGS-250W application include; endurance test of consumer eletronics such as phones, gadget, remote controls, tachometer panel on motorcycle, tension rigidity of spring coil, flexibility of plastic material enclosure and etcetera. The Shimpo FGS-250W movement is created from a trapezoidal screw drive with integral nut. Combined with its top-mounted wheel that smoothly turns with minimal effort, fine, stable resolution is achieved during operation.

The Shimpo FGS-250W offers dual functionality by being able to be used in either the vertical or horizontal positions with no added equipment required. Simply lay the unit on its back and level with the adjustment screw and you now can run horizontal tests. The FGS-250W’s compact footprint and lightweight frame enables ease of movement and usage in a myriad of locations.

Optional accessories include a Digital Scale which accurately tracks distance movement and a Tensile Frame adapter kit which enables extended clearance for tensile tests. SHIMPO offers a variety of grips and fixtures to create the required set-up for your force gauging test parameters. The FGS-250W’s maximum 250 lbf (125 kgf) capacity combined with the precision wheel movement operation yields an ideal manual test stand for a full range of lab or production line testing applications.

Shimpo FGS-250W features: