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Shimpo Desktop Force Gauge Test Stands FGS-TV

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SPESIFIKASI Shimpo Desktop Force Gauge Test Stands FGS-TV

Shimpo Desktop Force Gauge Test Stands FGS-TV Dimensional:

Shimpo Desktop Force Gauge Test Stands FGS-TV Ordering Guide:



Testing Measurement Load

2N 5N 10N 20N 50N 100N 200N 500N 1000N

送り速度 Feed Rate


ストローク Stroke


サンプリング Sampling rate


外形寸法 Dimension


電源 Power input

質量 Weight 35kg


Can also be ordered with measurement jig.


Shimpo Force Gauge Accessories Ordering Guide:

UNI-PLATE Gauge mounting plate for FGS-100 Series Stands
FGV-FGS250P Interface cable for FGS-100 & FGS-250 force test stands
FGS-ANALOG Analog output cable for force test stands
FG-250PV-RS232 RS-232 Communication cable from FGS stand to computer
FG-HORIZ-ADAP Grip adapter for horizontal test stands


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Shimpo Desktop Force Gauge Test Stands FGS-TV is devised for precision testing of pull and push gauging with motorized-programmable force test stand combination. With Shimpo's line of top quality force gauges, you can have a complete force measurement system capable of handling the most precise testing applications with minimal influence of gravitational force. The steel construction of its monocoque frame and servo motor performing a precision whilst its programming capabilities provide the versatility to tackle a multitude of applications. Various movement modes are available for the force gauge, e.g. jogging and repeated reciprocation, according to the purpose and intended use.

Your investment on Shimpo Desktop Force Gauge Test Stands FGS-TV, will allow you variety of measurement modes (peeling test, breaking test, load sensing test, compression/tensile test, and reciprocating test) is a standard feature. The data can be transferred to a personal computer through a USB port, and selection of the movement mode can be operated from the computer. You can also have a wide range of force capacities in Shimpo Desktop Force Gauge Test Stands FGS-TV on both standard and ultra-slow speeds. Applicable force measurement may includes quality of weld force between electrodes, fabrics, door latch, quality of spring, wire testing, fibres, malleable strength of more complicated tests can also be performed like peeling, friction, texture. complimentary testing for shore test of consumer products and many more.


Shimpo Horizontal Force Gauge Test Stands FGS-50XB-L/H Features: