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Miruc Tilt Stage AIC-60 for Microscopy

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SPESIFIKASI Miruc Tilt Stage AIC-60 for Microscopy

Miruc Tilt Stage AIC-60 Ordering Guide:

ModelStage surface (mm)Degree of movement (°)Load bearing N (kgf)Weight (kg)
AIC-60 40 x 60 ± 20° 29.4 (3) 0.22


Note: Focusing starts at lower magnification in order to center the specimen by the user on the stage. Moving to a higher magnification requires the stage to be moved higher vertically for re-focus at the higher magnification and may also require slight horizontal specimen position adjustment. Horizontal specimen position adjustments are the reason for having a Miruc Tilt Stage AIC-60.

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At magnifications higher than 100×, moving a slide by hand is not practical. A mechanical stage, typical of medium and higher priced microscopes, allows precision movements of the slide via control knobs that reposition the sample/slide as desired. If your microscope did not originally have a mechanical stage it may be possible to add Miruc Tilt Stage AIC-60s.


Miruc Tilt Stage AIC-60 works with a seesaw tilt action which can be fixed in any position with its clamp lever. Miruc Tilt Stage AIC-60 is a simple yet durable ± 20° stage made from aluminium alloy with matt black alumite surface treatment to withstand years of wear and tear under the microscope.

  1. Smooth Motion: This product is ground to precision to achieve smoothness even as the rack and pinion of the stage is tightened.
  2. Completely Even: Experice completely even stroke as you move the stage
  3. Reduced Gap: The reduced gap avoids the feeling of the stage components scratching against each other as it moves.
  4. No Backlash: The gap between the contact face of the gear is suppressed as much as possible in the direction of movement. This allows you the user a smooth sliding feeling without backlash when using the stage.
  5. Play: there is complete play between the male/female dovetail groove parts.

All of Miruc’s precision instruments and optical devices are made in Japan. The precise and delicate craftwork is well-known to be Japan’s specialty. You will find quality, precision and durability in Miruc products, which we can confidently recommend to our customers. The reason Miruc insists on manufacturing our products in Japan to this date lies in their company's mission to deliver a long lasting tool. Miruc aims to bring the care and reliability of their production and craftsman’s spirit to customers. You can be assured of a total support package that includes repair and maintenance, and reflects Miruc's spirit of care.