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Koyo-Sha Polimall Cloth Sheet

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SPESIFIKASI Koyo-Sha Polimall Cloth Sheet

Koyo-Sha Polimall Cloth Sheet Precautions:

*Do not use it on articles with glossy shine. It can give your articles traces of polishing.
*Do not give aggressive pressure when polishing against plated ware.
*Do not wash. It keeps constant effect even after darkened.
*Do not polish matted articles such as satin-finished or pearskin-finished ones.


Structure of Koyo-Sha Abrasive Cloth

Grain Size
12 14 16 20 24 30 36 40 50 60
80 100 120 150 180 220 240 280 320 400
500 600 800 1000 1200 1500 2000 3000 4000 0*
Sheet 125 x 195mm (1sheet/bag) 100 bags/box
Roll 500mm x 30M /500 x 10M
*Grit # "0" is Koyo-Sha's original grit only for a (Alumina) grain products, and it is very popular as a grit to create beautiful and shiny surfaces.


Koyo-Sha Polimall Cloth Sheet

Before Polishing After Polishing


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Koyo-Sha Polimall Cloth Sheet is devised for fine polishing and lustering stage on various type and surface of workpiece. Koyo-Sha's "Polimall" is essentially differs from regular silicon cloth. Koyo-Sha Polimall Abrasive cloth is composed of three integrated layer of; backings, abrasives cloth, and bonds. This range of layer also makes Koyo-Sha Polimall Cloth Sheet have wide varieties of grit and application to choose from. The characteristic of Polimall abrasve clothes series can be distinguished by its color; Pink (super hard polish) is suited for wide range of metals.(Platinum jewellery to stainless polishing), Yellow (Medium olish) is excellent balance of lustering and stain-removal for general metals and Blue (Soft) for fine polishing on delicate metals such as silver and gold due to less-abrasives mixture.

Koyo-Sha Polimall Cloth Sheet give luster or chemical polishing permanently, unlike regular silicon cloth of which just wipes dust. Because of the multiple effect of "Ultrafine particles" and "Lustering material" impregnated into the cloth, the finest shine can be obtainded without scratching. With appropriate application, each Koyo-sha Koyo-Sha Polimall Cloth Sheet will perform superbly on polishing precious metal, alloy, carbon fibres and regular clean up maintenance on your industrial floor.


Koyo-Sha Polimall Cloth Sheet Features:


Koyo-Sha Polimall Cloth Sheet Are As Follows:

1.Gold buffing cloth (Yellow, 125mm x 195mm, 2 sheets)
2.Silver buffing cloth (Blue, 125mm x 195mm, 2 sheets)
3.Copper buffing cloth (Green, 125mm x 195mm, 2 sheets)
4.Plastic buffing cloth (Beige, 125mm x 195mm, 2 sheets)
5.Stainless buffing cloth (Purple, 125mm x 195mm, 2 sheets)
6.Platinum buffing cloth (Pink, 125mm x 195mm, 2 sheets)
“Rose” precious metal buffing cloth
7.Regular type (pink, diameter 55mm, 7 sheets)
8.Hard type (pink, diameter 55mm, 7 sheets)


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