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Koyo-Sha New Felt With Shaft

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SPESIFIKASI Koyo-Sha New Felt With Shaft

Koyo-Sha New Felt With Shaft


Recommended Application For Koyo-Sha New Felt:

Disc : 1400~1700m/min
e.g.) 150 : 3000~3500rpm
with Shaft : 1200~1500m/min
e.g.) 15 : 25000~32000rpm


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Koyo-Sha New Felt With Shaft contribute to a cleaner working environment. Koyo-Sha New Felt With Shaft is a new type of buff in which carefully selected chromium oxide and grease or aluminium and grease are impregnated. Koyo-Sha New Felt With Shaft improves your efficiency as it is not nnecessary to use buffing and polishing compounds as common buff does. 

By using Koyo-Sha New Felt With Shaft for the usual polishing, you can get a high-grade finish with luster operation. Koyo-Sha New Felt With Shaft are specifically devised for the elasticity and uniform thickness on a precision polishing of turbocharger part, fiber-resin, ceramics, metal sheet, jig, mould, tapper holes, and many other metal workpiece.


Koyo-Sha New Felt With Shaft Types are:

Koyo-Sha New Felt Chromium Oxide Type

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