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Koyo-Sha Off-Set Sisal Polisher

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SPESIFIKASI Koyo-Sha Off-Set Sisal Polisher

Koyo-Sha Off-Set Polisher:

Recommended Speed For high speed: 12,000 Rpm For low speed: 9,000 Rpm
Work Application For finishing of general metal polishing or welding beat.
Similar Products Excellent substitute for a flexible sander.
Dimension Off-Set Sisal (100×15mm)
Type Sisar 46 (Pink) for Cutting
Properties Prince Lime (White) for Coloring


Koyo-Sha Off-Set Polisher Application Guide:


Koyo-Sha Off-Set Sisal Polisher Precautions:

*Use it under 12,000rpm, and make sure that the spinning direction of buff is correct.
*Do not use without applying polishing compound to buffs.


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Koyo-Sha Off-Set Polisher are available with sisal model and felt model for specific application. Koyo-Sha Off-Set Sisal model is optimized for rough removal or grinding coarse surface which are commonly occur on welding joint after being sanded down. Whereas for  Koyo-Sha Off-Set Felt model, are optimized for both luster finish and mirror finish which are commonly demanded on working in toolmaking, steel construction and many more.

Koyo-Sha Off-Set Sisal polisher performs superbly on working with welding bead of stainless # 400 which in the long run, is actually cheaper alternative than the regular abrasive polisher.


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