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Inspex Surface Roughness Tester IPX-105

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SPESIFIKASI Inspex Surface Roughness Tester IPX-105

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Inspex Surface Roughness Tester IPX-105 are devised by Bowers Group to cater the industrial demad for a portable, battery-powered instrument for checking surface roughness. Furthermore, its sturdy metallic case allows the digital surface roughness Tester to be versatile enough for laboratory, inspection on outdoor workshop, or wherever on-site surface roughness testing is required. The measured values can be acquired through hands on application while the indash digital readout calculate the value and display the readings. The 9v battery-powered instrument works with the principle of surface waves on piezoelectric substrates.

In practice, as the piezoelectric probes / stylus were precisely dragged along the desired surface, the probe will then sense the irregularity and generate micro electricity resulting from pressure on touching the micron cliffs - slopes graduation of surface which accumulates in any solid materials (such as steel, iron, granite, crystals, certain ceramics, and biological matter such as bone in response to applied mechanical stress. As roughness is typically considered to be the high-frequency, short-wavelength component of a measured surface (surface metrology). However, in practice it is often necessary to know both the amplitude and frequency to ensure that a surface is fit for a purpose.

Your investment on Inspex IPX-105, will allow you to fluidly gage the measured surface on indash digital readout. Roughness plays an important role in determining how a real object will interact with its environment. Rough surfaces usually wear more quickly and have higher friction coefficients than smooth surfaces (see tribology). Roughness is often a good predictor of the performance of a mechanical component, since irregularities in the surface may form nucleation sites for cracks or corrosion. On the other hand, roughness may promote adhesion


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