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DoALL APEX-420NC Utility Line NC Bandsaw

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SPESIFIKASI DoALL APEX-420NC Utility Line NC Bandsaw

Max round 420 mm
Min round 10 mm
Max rectangular (mm) 420 x 420
Max bundles 310 x 210
Min bundles 170 x 90
Blade (mm) 41 x 1,3 x 4.880
Band speed 16-85 m/min
Band drive motor 7,5 kW

Index length:

- Single

- Multi


390 mm

3.600 mm

Material pass line 690 mm
Weight 3.000 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)

2.270 x 2.790 x 2.030 mm

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The DoALL NC-Line is a line of machines designed and built for general purpose sawing operations both in manual or automatic mode. For ease of use these machines are already equipped with a standard 2 meters roller table, chip conveyor, variable vice pressure control, double retracting index vice, worklight and toolbox.


Standard Equipment