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Widia Tunable Boring Bars D...TTB-KM Series

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SPESIFIKASI Widia Tunable Boring Bars D...TTB-KM Series

Widia MCLN 95° - KM32TS Internal Cutting Units (M-Clamping) Ordering Guide:

order numbercatalog numberDL1CSL12L1 minCSWS system size
3637636 D40MTTB560KM40 40 520 RP 3/8-19 305 330 KM40
3637637 D50MTTB737KM40 50 697 RP 3/8-19 470 337 KM40
3637638 D60MTTB1000KM40 60 976 RP 3/8-19 686 396 KM40
3642134 D80MTTB1120KM63 80 1060 RP 3/8-19 610 560 KM63
3642135 D100MTTB1330KM63 100 1384 RP 3/8-19 622 695 KM63



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WIDIA Tooling KM™ Systems/O.D. and I.D. Turning/Internal Machining • Boring Bars and Adapters/Tunable Boring Bars/G-KM-TTB

Widia Tunable Boring Bars D...TTB-KM Series are devised for all round turning operation, threading and cutting applications on CNC and conventional machines. Derived from the KM™ Systems which are specialized to be used on working with high rpm/min and high strength of the material, Tunable Boring Bars with latest indeables insert coating technology allows Screw-on Inserts to work on the most preferred ID turning due to its outstanding rigidity that can accommodate lathe with bore size ranging from small to medium.

Your investment on Widia Tunable Boring Bars D...TTB-KM Series will allow you to work with various application by maximizing your current milling machine. Thanks to its Modular ISO 26622 system, you can work with existing adapters and parameter with the vibration dampening capabilities better than any on the market. Furthermore, with proper selection of cutter, you can have a Heavy Duty application and versatile work-piece application, range from  for boring on high-quality steel or carbide shanks with through tool coolant capabilities. However, if you also wants to consider of having the benefits of automated shrink fit tool bit with its holders while improving centering and reduce vibration on milling machine, you might as well to consider Widia Induction Shrink Fit Unit.


Widia MCLN 95° - KM32TS Internal Cutting Units (M-Clamping) Features :