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D\'Andrea Boring & Surfacing Head TA-Center series

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SPESIFIKASI D\'Andrea Boring & Surfacing Head TA-Center series

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regard for excellent quality and remarkable precision levels. The innovative D'Andrea boring and facing heads are made for machines with automatic tool change and all machining centers as well. A U-Drive unit commands the feed control of the tool slide and the tool placement even during rotation. This unit is managed directly by an axis called “U” by the machining center NC.

The tool adapter TA-centers from D'Andrea provide a solution to a series of different processes such as the interior and exterior turning operations, conical, grooves, and variable borings. Furthermore, the adapter may also be utilized in cylindrical and conical threading, convex corner rounding, and phonographic grooves. 

Your smart investment on D'Andrea TA-Center series will allow you to work on numerical control boring and facing heads with  automatic balancing as well as application on machining centers with automatic tool change. The machining center is the solution to a series of different processes like inner and outer turning operations, grooves, conical and variable boring, concave and convex corner rounding, cylindrical and conical threading, phonographic grooves and spherical machining.

Depend on your application, each line up is composed of toolholders which are interchangeable and made of high quality material for lowest vibration and avoiding chatter. D'Andrea Boring & Surfacing Head TA-Center is highly regarded due to its reasonable value in general machining, civil engineering and many more.

D'Andrea Boring & Surfacing Head TA-Center Features: