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Widia Modular Reaming Bodies TRM Top Ream Modular Series

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SPESIFIKASI Widia Modular Reaming Bodies TRM Top Ream Modular Series

Widia Solid Carbide Reaming Tools HSR™ Series Ordering Guide :

   D1D1 max    
order numbercatalog numberCSWS system sizemminmminDLL2LSretention knob
6055346 SS20WST175RR5M KST175 20,00 .787 22,499 .886 20,00 158,50 96,50 51,00 KST175200RK
6055348 SS20WST200RR5M KST200 22,50 .886 27,499 1.083 20,00 185,50 120,50 51,00 KST175200RK
6055350 SS25WST250RR5M KST250 27,50 1.083 32,499 1.279 25,00 217,50 145,50 56,00 KST250250RK
6055352 SS32WST300RR5M KST300 32,50 1.280 37,499 1.476 32,00 249,00 169,00 61,00 KST300350RK
6055354 SS32WST350RR5M KST350 37,50 1.476 42,000 1.654 32,00 274,00 192,00 61,00 KST300350RK


The above dimensions are used when ordering custom solution reamers on this page unless otherwise specified.



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Reaming Tools/TRM • Top Ream Modular/Straight Shank • Radial Clamping • 5xD

Widia Widia Modular Reaming Bodies TRM Series has been designed to give fabricator a platform to covers the majority of hole finishing needs and a range of edge preps and geometries available. As the geometry of a hole drilled in metal by a twist drill may not be accurate enough (close enough to a true cylinder of a certain precise diameter), You can have a high consistency and excellent grip to thermal effects during machining operations.

Your smart investment on Widia Modular Reaming Bodies TRM produces hole geometry and finish that is as close to theoretical perfection as possible. (The other methods of hole creation that approach nearest to perfection under certain conditions are boring [especially single-point boring] and internal cylindrical grinding). Furthermore, with detachable reaming heads, required smooth surface finish for certain engineering applications can be achieved with a micron tolerances.

For cutting heads on bigger diameter upto 42mm, you can also opt for Widia Top Ream platform in class carbide. WIDIA’s WU05PR advanced reaming grade was developed specifically for the demanding tool wear and surface finish requirements encountered in most hole reaming operations. For example, tests performed over a total cut distance of 30m in length showed an ability to consistently maintain surface finishes of 0.8μm in 4140 steel alloy and 1.6μm in gray cast iron, three times that of TiAlN-coated tools which are desired in mould making, mechatronics parts, micro machining in aerospace industry and many more.


Widia Cermet-Tipped Reaming Tools HSR™ Series Feature: