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WIDIA Helical Mills Rübig M300 Series

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SPESIFIKASI WIDIA Helical Mills Rübig M300 Series

WIDIA Rubig M300 Series Helical Mills/Indexable Milling Ordering Guide:

order numbercatalog numberD1LL1L2Ap1 maxZZ UCSMS system sizemax RPMcoolant supplykg 
2021412 12393021000 40 153 85 63 46,0 15 3 DV40 20600 Yes 1,3 Download CAD File


WIDIA Rubig M300+ Integral • Spare Parts

D1 insert screw Nm Torx driver kg
40 12748610000 4,0 12148788900 1,3



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WIDIA Indexable Milling/Helical Mills/M300 Series/M300+/Tool Bodies M300+ • Integral

WIDIA Helical Mills Rübig M300 Series are dvised as a highly efficient Collet Holder with designs adheres to SK-Shank DIN 6987. The Draw-In Collet Chucks system enables various engagement on either manual milling or CNC milling. Excellent selection of grades and geometries whch when combined with strong insert will providing you a much higher reliability compared to other brands.

Furthermore, with proper selection of inserts, you can have a Heavy Duty application and versatile work-piece application, range from  for boring on high-quality steel or carbide shanks with through tool coolant capabilities. However, if you also wants to consider of having the benefits of automated shrink fit tool bit with its holders while improving centering and reduce vibration with noticeably faster and smoother result, you might as well to consider Widia Induction Shrink Fit Unit.


WIDIA Rubig M300 Helical Mills/Indexable Milling Features :