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Sylvac Vertical Bench table PS15 BV

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SPESIFIKASI Sylvac Vertical Bench table PS15 BV

Sylvac Vertical Bench Table PS15 BV Dimensions

Sylvac Vertical Bench Table PS15 BV dimensions


Sylvac Vertical Bench Table PS15 BV Ordering Guide:

    808.1216 808.1218
 Type  PS15 BV PS15 BV+
 Measuring scale  mm 10
 Measuring force (Adjustable)  N 0.3 - 1.0
 Max. error  µm Probe P10: 0.6 µm / Dial gauge S_Dial: 1.6 - 3 µm
 Weight  kg 1.8
 Mesuring direction Vertical
 Anvils fixation M2.5 Ø1.5
 Cary Compatibility

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Sylvac Vertical Bench Table PS15 BV is devised as a versatile micrometer in measuring the external diameter, flatness on selected point, thickness, concentricity, gearing pitch, micro thread on a workpiece. The single lever operational clamp holds specimen easily and accurately with ergonomics for faster interpolation. Thanks to its user-friendly design and Bluetooth® connectivity, you can also have both faster rates of inspection with the versatility of data transferring connectivity.

Sylvac's exceptional bench tables are designed to check dimensions up to 20 mm.  For routine or regular maintenance, you can simply use a precision pin gage as a master to compare its precision accuracy. Sylvac Vertical Bench Table PS15 BV can also be equipped with x,y,z stage to mount the specimen accurately. Furthermore, you can also arrange an improvised multi-gauging rig with digital display. In stock, this 2 points vertical bench table is delivered with; a unit of PS15 BV with integrated  Ø 1.5 mm or Ø 5 mm (depending on model), setting rotational table jig and Allen keys 2 and 2.5 mm.

Compared to a micrometer and precision height gauge, Sylvac Vertical Bench Table PS15 BV offers higher accuracy, easier handling, and versatility as you no longer need to calibrate its stand or gripper. The bench table can also be equipped with different kind of tables,  additional dial indicators as well as several types of anvils of any shape to fit your needs. A ball bearing, adjustable and reversible measuring force, and many other features and accessories make the table a must-have for your workshop or your inspection room. 

Sylvac Vertical Bench Table PS15 BV will allow you to work with quality inspection on small precision workpieces such as small fasteners, metrology anvils and mechanical devices as in medical, sensor, and commercial machine shops, especially those that do certain categories of work (military or commercial aerospace, nuclear power industry, and others). However, if you are looking for a basic bench with 2 points anvil you might also wants to consider Sylvac Bench Table Measurement PS16 V2.


Sylvac Vertical Bench Table PS15 BV Features: