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Sylvac Digital Display & Gauging Processor D300S V2

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SPESIFIKASI Sylvac Digital Display & Gauging Processor D300S V2

Sylvac Digital Display & Probe Processing D300S V2 Ordering Guide:

    804.1300 804.1320 804.1310
 Model D300S-2 D300S-4 D300S
 Inputs* 2 probes / 6 USB** 4 probes / 6 USB** M-BUS / 6 USB
 Max. Error  µm P2 :1.5 / P5 :1.6 / P10 :1.6 / P25 :1.9  P2i / P5i / P10i
 Max. Error 1)  µm P2 :0.5 / P5 :0.6 / P10 :0.6 / P25 :0.8  ...
 Repeatabilty  µm P2 :0.2 / P5 :0.2 / P10 :0.2 / P25 :0.2  ...
 Overall dimensions  mm 330 x 175 x 77
 Weight  kg 3.3
 Case Steel / Plastic
 Protection according to IEC 60529 IP40
 Output data RS232 / USB
 Programmable by PC

1) Probe and unit calibrated

* Extendable to 32 probes and 30 USB instruments

** On request, all the units can be provided with M-Bus module connectors

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Sylvac Digital Display & Gauging Processor D300S V2 is devised as a one stop unit solution to streamline your combination of multiple gauging and up to 8 channel inputs into a single display and control for highly efficient process management. The clever device is ideal for multiple connections of hand instruments with multi-channel displays of tolereances through the multiplexer to measure multi-ratings, and can be used as a measurement bench for automatic scanning with high compatibility on various type of probes and gauging makers as well.

Thanks to its compact form factor and multi channel connectivity which combined with the shock and heat resistance thermoplastic polymer (ABS) enclosure, the device is lightweight and IP65 certified to withstand oil, liquids and operator's irregular touch force and heavy duty application on various fabrication floor. The display unit is the market's only operating system powered with Windows 7 which has been tailored for various gauging purpose and practical installation of probes driver in the future upgrades. Its user friendly interface is also supported by high resolution touch screen operation for intuitive application and direct configuration towards PC. You can also use this display SPC function, a simple user display of analogue bar-graph, PLC function and many more. 

Sylvac Digital Display D300S V2 will allow you to have a higher efficiency for monitoring, controlling of pass/fail inspection process and lowers cost of operating at full potential even when using your currently operated gaging rig. Furthermore, as your working bench require upgrades, you can have an improvised daisy-chainning application with Sylvac Gauge Multiplexer Unit D302 & D304 or Sylvac Gauge Multiplexer Unit M-Bus with a Sylvac Footpedal S_Footswitch via Bluetooth control.


Sylvac Digital Display & Gauging Processor D300S V2 Features: