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TOSOK Display Unit PEG2000

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TOSOK Display Unit PEG2000 is devised as automatic measuring unit with data processing for various type of gauging probes. The PEG2000 series are reliable, loads faster, versatile and adaptable to work in fast pace production line to ensure all the data input from probes displayed for prompt judgement on its 6,5 inch LCD display.  TOSOK Display Unit PEG2000 can also send the display on monitor. Equipped with 2 USB slot, you can also easily transfer the sequence of measured workpiece directly to printer and data record or further data analysis on spreadsheet on PC as well.

Thanks to its versatile programming and 4 channel inputs, you can use this display unit for improvised arrangement on measuring jigs, processing measurement inputs from limit gauge, electric probe, air gauge and various other application which demand multiple method to measure precision of a workpiece. This practical display eliminate the need for multi-gauging unit and will imprve your versatility in testing workpiece with one-off geometry simply by changing the probes. This clever device will provide you both traceable measurement record and versatility within an affordable budget.

TOSOK PEG2000 Features:

  • Greatly reduced in size compared to conventional products.
  • Displays measurements and results on a compact TFT color liquid crystal display.
  • Measurement and setting operations can be made on the touch panel display.
  • Automation of zero adjustment and sensitivity adjustment can be done on the touch panel display or through external input.
  • Result output signal function is supplied standard, and corresponds to automatic measurement.
  • Numerous statistical processing functions pre-installed.
  • Serial communication function supplied standard, enabling data output to computers (for data storage ,statistical processing ,and input to spreadsheet software)
  • Allows connection of four electric micrometers, enabling measurement by various types of processing.
  • Can be used as an air micrometer by connection to an A/E converter control diagrams and CP values as standard features which are useful for quality control.



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