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Tosok Measuring Unit PEG2100

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TOSOK PEG2100 series is the top of the line range which is improved version of TOSOK PEG2000. TOSOK PEG2100 retain its reliability, faster loads, versatile and adaptable to work in fast pace production line to ensure all the data input from probes can be displayed for prompt analysis and data records. TOSOK PEG2100 is the best investment for ugrading your production line to accomodate several type of probes and feed the data onto local area network of your computer system.

TOSOK PEG2100 Features:

  • Easy to read by the bigger and higher resolution screen.
  • Measurement & Judgement result indicate by TFT color LCD.
  • The touch panel operation is available.
  • Automatically Zero & Sensitivity master setting are available.
  • Correspond to automatic measurement by Judgement output signal.
  • Compatibilty to connect with air-electric micrometer and  A/E transducer for precision and validity of data.
  • Data output through PC is performed using LAN connection, thus enable remote monitoring when the devices are connected through internet.
  • Wider variety of statical data processing functions with 32 channel.

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