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Shimpo Wedge Grips Force Gauge Jig FGTT-532

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SPESIFIKASI Shimpo Wedge Grips Force Gauge Jig FGTT-532

Shimpo Wedge Grips Force Gauge Jig FGTT-532 Ordering Guide:

型式 / Product number FGTT-532
 試験方向 / Operating direction 引張り / Pulling
 許容荷重 / Maximal load 5000N
口幅 / Mouth width
 開き幅 / Open width 0~5mm


Compatible With All Shimpo Force Gauge

 質量 / Weight Upper side: about 200g
Lower: about 470g


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Shimpo Wedge Grips Force Gauge Jig FGTT-532 is devised for firmly holding a test specimen with up to 5000 Newton of force, which are suitable for pulling plates, solids shaft, rubber composite bars, fiber optics or just about any solid material within a the touch of a lever. This self-tightening mechanism allows any digital or analog force gauge to run a precision testing of pull combination with either motorized-programmable force test or with manual pulling stand combination.

You can also clamp the lower end part of the specimen with regular locking vise while using this compact clamping attached to the force gauge connecting pin. Shimpo Wedge Grips Force Gauge Jig FGTT-532 is highly recommended for any Shimpo force gauge or any brands on your current workbench. Depend on your budget, you can also order this heavy duty clamp with either manual hand-crank lever or or Shimpo motorised digital stand as well. However if you are considering a clamp with 500 Newton of force is appropriate, you might also wants to consider Shimpo Wedge Grips Force Gauge Jig GC-50.


Shimpo Wedge Grips Force Gauge Jig FGTT-532 features: