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Shimpo Test Stand FGS-VC Series

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Shimpo Test Stand FGS-VC Series has been devised to support high-performance digital force gauging which are capable of measuring the pressing force, tensile force, and peel force as well. The motorized stand is available for testing up to 1000 Newton and 2500 Newton of force. The sturdy monocoque built is made of solid alloyed enclosure for durability and excellent attachement on various type of stand.

Your smart investment on Shimpo Test Stand FGS-VC Series will allows you to work precisely with capabilities to record the measurement sequence into spreadsheet software. Equipped with wide selection of vise and specimen holding jig, you can also conduct wide range of test as well as combination with all series of Shimpo force gauges. The FGS-VC Motorized Test Stand is an ideal solution for most industrial QC applications.

Shimpo Test Stand FGS-VC Series Features:

  • Simple Operation similar to the FGS-E series, but with data output capability of 5 action modes; Manual, short movement, cycle, return repetition, point position movement
  • Measurement Load: 2N ~ 2500N (0.2kg ~ 250kg)
  • Stroke: Max up to 400mm
  • Measurement Table: 150 x 200mm
  • LED indication on display panel for easy observation
  • Exclusive Data Collection Software "FGT-VC" with user friendly format
  • Simultaneously collects the force gauge load data and stand movement distance


SPESIFIKASI Shimpo Test Stand FGS-VC Series

Model FGS-100VC FGS-250VC
Measurement Load 1000N 2500N
Endurance Load 1000N 2500N
Forwarding Speed 10 ~ 400 mm/min
As per operation panel, speed to be set
Stroke 400mm
Display Parts 4 Digit;   Movement Speed, Action Mode Displayed
Display Movement Speed 10 ~ 400mm/min
Movement Distance Yes
Repeating Revolutions 0 ~ 9999
Action Mode Manual (MANU), Small Movement (JOG), 1 Cycle (SIG), Both way Repetition (CON),
Point Position Movement (PROG mode)
Communication USB for P.C
Input Over Load Input
Stop by FGPX (FGP) Over Load Signal
Measurement Table 150 x 200 mm
Working Temperature Scope 0 ~ 45°C (No condensation is allowed)
Current AC 100V ± 10%
Weight About 63 kg About 65 kg
Accessories • 1 x Connecting Cable   • 1 x Power Supply Cable   • 1 x USB Cable
PC software FGT-VC: Exclusive Communication Software. Free Download.
Graph display of load and distance; Frequency setting of continuous data collection;
Upper-Lower limit decision function
Other Emergency Stop Switch
Corresponding Force Gauge FGP-0.2 ~ 100, FGPX-0.2 ~ 100
- FGPX-250H


Harga Shimpo Test Stand FGS-VC Series

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  • Simultaneously collects the force gauge load data and stand movement distance