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Kordt Multi Gauging Center Testicord 6142

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Kordt Multi Gauging Center Testicord 6142 is a multi-purpose measuring gauge designed with a parallel carriage. This device is primarily used for measuring diameters, threads, concentric properties, and parallelism. The measuring gauge is also used to measure the squareness between thread axes. Furthermore, the TESTICORD 6142 is equipped with a finely-lapped spindle sleeves and carbide-tipped centers with quick release.

Features :

  • Specialized to measure highly precise screw thread with up to ø M30 x 3.5mm in pitch size.

  • Finely lapped spindle sleeves of stainless steel mounted in aligned prisms

  • Carbide tipped centres with rapid release

  • Carriage on finely lapped guide rails, running parallel to the centres

  • Attachment for gauging thread

Benefits :

  • Suitable as tools such as reamers, mills and taps.

  • Device for measuring spiral fluted reamers

  • Device to measuring thread pitch

  • Device to measuring squareness 

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