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Trimos Twinner Bench Center

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SPESIFIKASI Trimos Twinner Bench Center

Trimos Twinner Precision Comparator Bench Ordering Guide:

    T4M T8M T12M T20M
Measuring range, length X mm (in) 400 (15) 800 (31) 1200 (47) 2000 (78)
Measuring range, diameter Y mm (in) 125 (5) 125/160 (5/6)
Max. permissible errors, length X µm 3 + L(mm)/100
Max permissible errors, diameter Y µm 1.5 + D(mm)/100
Reapeatability, length X (2s) µm ≤2.0
Repeatability, diameter Y µm ≤1.0
Resolutions, length X mm 0.001/0.0001
Resolutions, diameter Y mm 0.001/0.0001
Measuring force, length and diameter N 2.0
Max. part weight kg 20/100
Weight (instruments) kg 120 140 180 240



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Trimos Twinner Bench Center is a universal instrument for the measurement of cylinder-shaped parts, which replaces a great number of conventional instruments in the workshop. This measuring centre, multifunctional, flexible and mobile, allows to measure and document practically all that is manufactured by turning.

Trimos Twinner Precision Comparator is optimized for your ultimate deflection test on various workpiece within 1,5 µm of accuracy for diameter Y and maximum error of 3µm for lenght X. You can work on quality control of one-off parts to small batches as revolution parts can be precisely measured, without adjustment necessary. 

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