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Kordt Concentricity Tester Axicord 6322

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Kordt Concentricity Tester Axicord 6322 is a run out measuring instrument in reference to the thread axis with modular system. Ever changing requirements force to flexibility in production. The AXICORD modular system can be adjusted to a new work-piece with just a few changes. The components of AXICORD are designed to be combined with each other. Kordt Axicord 6322 works by clamping the tested workpiece horizontally on a sets of roller which secure it on place then manually turning the knob wheel as the measuring dial indicator indicates the run-out of the inspected workpiece. You simply define whether the workpiece is acceptable or not by judging the measured readings from the axial or radial run-out on a work-piece with an internal thread in relation to the thread axis. Kordt Axicord 6322 also provide PC connectivity for statistical data feed on spreadsheet and traceable measurement record for your clients.

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