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DoALL Tungsten Carbide Saw Blade STC Series

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SPESIFIKASI DoALL Tungsten Carbide Saw Blade STC Series


DoALL Tungsten Carbide Saw Blade STC Ordering Guide:

Metric   STC
Width Gauge   3
10 0,6   305-015S
13 0,6   305-020S
20 0,9   305-025S
27 0,9   305-045S
34 1,1   305-326R
41 1,3   305-375R
    S = Straight set
    R = Raker set


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DoALL Tungsten Carbide Saw STC is devised with tungsten carbide tooth, as it can resist high temperatures and is extremely reliable on various bandsaws and reciprocating saws. The DoALL Tungsten Carbide Saw Blade STC  overall is two times stiffer than regular steel, with a Young's modulus of approximately 530–700 GPa and is much denser than any regular steel even titanium. DoALL Tungsten Grit Saw Blade STC  is very abrasion resistant and withstand higher temperatures than standard high speed steel saw. 

Depends on your machinery set up, DoALL Tungsten Carbide Saw Blade STC  performs consistently balanced between power delivery versus cutting ratio for a cost effective jobs. DoALL Tungsten Grit Saw Blade STC maintain a sharp cutting edge better on cutting medium-abrasive workpiece made of aluminum, fiberglass, resin and ceramic. DoALL Tungsten Carbide Saw Blade STC  allows a faster rate of cutting and economic especially when you are working with aluminium casting, fiber making industry and fishing-marine tool fabrication. For cutting highly abrasive material with tougher properties such as silica, granite and gems you can opt for DoALL Diamoond Saw Blade Series




Abrasive materials that dull Bi-Metal blades rapidly like: aluminium castings, graphite, fiberglass etc