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DOALL Tungsten Carbide Bandsaw Blade Olympia

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SPESIFIKASI DOALL Tungsten Carbide Bandsaw Blade Olympia

DOALL Tungsten Carbide Bandsaw Blade Olympia Ordering Guide:

Metric Olympia
Width Gauge 1,3 2 3 4
6 0,6       358-054
10 0,6     358-108 358-118
0,8   358-104 358-114  
13 0,6     358-152  
0,8     358-156  
16 0,8   358-211S 358-215  
20 0,8   358-252 358-256  
25 0,9   358-304 358-328  
32 0,9 358-356 358-362    
38 0,9 358-423      
50 0,9 358-513      
      Claw tooth  
    S Straight set  
    W Wide-set    
      Coil lengths up to 20 mm 152,4 mm and over 20 mm 91,4 mm

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DoALL Olympia bandsaw Blade is made of carbon steel material for various bandsaws application. The sawing teeth are heat treated to provide high-strength steel base which precisely cut against fibrous matter and structure of wood as well as plastic material. The sawing teeth are harder (suitable for many alloy and ferrous material), meanwhile, the backing area itself is flexible for more resistant to cracking and breaking (which is desirable when you are working with the busy queue). 

Depends on your machinery set up, DoALL Olympia bandsaw Blade performs consistently balanced between the power to cut ratio for a cost-effective job on various woodworking job, general engineering and art-crafts workshops. You can work on logs, veneers such as plywood, MDF or particle board, some engineered wood products like oriented strand board (OSB), engineered cellulosic products from other lignin-containing materials such as rye straw, wheat, and hemp stalks, Acrylic, Plastic, Pelts, Hard Rubber and many more.

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